Intro to My Journey


Atlanta’s own Winston Warrior is studious enough to admit when he needs lesson reinforcement and for his sequel album, Lifeology 101…Back 2 School he’s created a punchy collection of flash cards, with new and refreshed songs from the previous project. Of the title, Warrior says, “Lifeology 101…Back 2 School is personal. I feel like I had learned a lot from the first album, but just like regular students there were some lessons I didn’t master. I had to go back to school to learn more about life, love and the industry.”

Music, one of the toughest faculty, isn’t exactly known for her patience, but Winston Warrior proves he’s navigating the curriculum well in Lifeology 101…Back 2 School. In this soulful, no-pretense project, Winston reveals his vulnerability, growth and raw emotion wrapped in simple, perceptive prose. Lifeology 101…Back 2 School organically continues to thread and weave the story of love and life from Warrior’s debut. Opening with “Elevator,” a sexy-intimate remix by Megastarz for Freeenergy Music Group, Winston reveals unfinished business with the song, showcasing its intimacy and depth. Gliding into “The Only Girl (4 Me),” Warrior backs up his sexual desire, re-declaring devoted dedication for his ladylove. The peaks and valleys of love are no different from those in the classroom, as Winston eloquently explains in pulsed percussion-driven “Livin’ My Life,” in which he also pauses to pop a few bottles in celebration of his accomplishments to date.

The self-defined incurable romantic, Warrior, strays little in his efforts to promote love and relations, with the next trilogy of songs: pleading for forgiveness in “Holdin’ On;” the emotional outpour of “Still In Love With U,” and tantalizing fantasy-ride of “Sex in the Rain.” “I’m a romantic, I really am. If you listen to the songs I write about it’s all about either a love lost that you’re trying to recapture; acknowledging that you messed up in a relationship and you’re trying to work through it; or professing your love.”

At it’s rhythmic climax, Lifeology 101…Back 2 School bookends with gritty, house-laden remixes of “Bad 4 U,” “Keep Movin’,” and two versions of “Elevator,” all portraying varied versatility as well as Winston’s creative expedition and ability to re-craft the music with a new lens of artistry in mind. Each collaborator on Lifeology 101…Back 2 School, from Lenny Hamilton Jr. and Tremaine ‘Six7’ Williams to Dave Doyle and Megastarz challenged Winston to peel away to the tenderness and master the life lessons put before him.  In Warrior’s raspy tenor voice, underscored with deliberately modest arrangements, he has opened up to create another authentically R&B album, modernized with infused house-street highlights.

Though a perfectionist in his quest to learn from Music, Winston Warrior is by no means a newcomer to her instruction. Warrior, like his signature emblem the Phoenix suggests, is reborn and will keep rising through the lessons and ranks. Once a member of the ’90’s all male breakout group, Lo’ Profile, Winston Warrior tasted stardom, to only have his hopes crushed under the pressures of industry realities.  Dreams deferred he became a successful corporate marketing executive, but learned how unfulfilling life in limbo truly was and changed course to chase this dream once again.

Winston returned to music with a vengeance as his debut album, Lifeology 101, released Spring 2011 garnered much industry acclaim for its skilled storytelling and musicality. Featuring Winston’s classic soulfulness and refreshing songwriting abilities coupled with powerhouse production by Don Vito of Don Vito Productions (Ciara, Jagged Edge, Bow Wow, Omarion and Kandi Burress), Lifeology 101 earned regular radio and television rotation (Music Choice, Centric and VH1 Soul); nominations for the GA Music Awards and SoulTracks Reader’s Choice Awards; features in several national and international industry magazines, blogs and websites; performances in festivals, clubs and theaters across the country (V103’s For Sister’s Only, KISS 104 FM The Art of Wine & Dine, Apache Café Soul Lounge); as well as the lead single “Bad 4 U” landing the #27 spot on Billboard’s Urban/AC chart.

Two years into Winston Warrior’s transition from the “Boardroom to Billboard” and the phoenix is on the rise. With the success of Lifeology 101, he is a charming musical and social media force.  And the Phoenix will soar as he masters life lessons through re-experience. Reflecting on his path to date, Winston Warrior exposes more Self and takes us back into the classroom in his sequel effort, Lifeology 101…Back 2 School available Fall 2012. “When I look back at where I was versus where I am now I definitely feel like I am blessed. I am living the dream and I don’t want to wake up. I hope Lifeology 101…Back 2 School will have at least half the impact that Lifeology 101 had.”

Open Letter

Welcome to My World… The Phoenix is ready to be reborn…

What’s up Fam! Welcome to my online home where you can witness the journey to creating my debut solo album.  I’m sure you’re already asking yourself “Who is Winston Warrior?” and “Why should I pay attention to him?” Well let me break it down. I am an R&B singer who has finally been able to put the disappointment of having my musical dreams crushed behind me. After years of self-doubt and lack of trust, I have found the strength to pursue my dream once again.  Just like my logo, I’m the Phoenix being reborn. My music is what I call Vintage R&B. It’s real and it’s timeless music with compelling lyrics, smooth vocals, and fluid/sensual/ harmonies, with a “Damn…that’s my jam!” vibe.

Got your attention?  Well cool.  Now, I invite you to come on in and stay a while to learn more about me, my music, and my rebirth. I’ll be giving you regular updates on the progress of my project as well as posting new entries to the video journal, which will show you the raw behind the scenes footage of what this process is like. You’ll see me putting in work with my vocal coach, in writing sessions discussing song ideas and lyrics, in the studio laying down vocals, and at the meetings of my indie label and team.  You can definitely expect to see some disagreements and hear some wrong notes (no Auto-tune here). There will also be footage of my modeling go-sees (my side hustle) and even of me in the gym and on the tennis courts. I have to keep the body as tight as the voice!

But don’t expect me to do all the work because I definitely want to hear from you. Be sure to keep in touch with me through MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. From time to time, I will also ask you to interact with me real-time by getting your opinions on song titles and album artwork. We also want to hear your phoenix stories, which you’ll be able to submit via video.  So stay tuned for polls, contests, virtual listening parties, and many other opportunities to share your voice.  My hope is that you will get to know me and I will get to know you. So…are you ready to join me on this journey? Let’s rise and take it together. 

Live, laugh and love…